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Here you will find a list of apps and tools I often use and I highly recommend. I use these tools to run my dropshipping business and I secured the best deals for you.

There is no magic or luck in this industry: dropshippers with the best tools will always be ahead. So take advantage of these special offers.

PageFly: The #1 Shopify App to build and optimize your Shopify stores

PageFly is a Shopify App that will allow you to build and customize any page just by dragging and dropping, thanks to a very intuitive editor.

I personally use PageFly to optimize my landing pages, but you can also use it on your home, blog, product, or collection page. They have more than 50 elements to improve your conversion rate and the app is compatible with all themes.

PageFly is easy to use. You can quickly start with 90+ high-converting templates covering all niches and page types. Click here to have a look at their template gallery and see for yourself. And yes, all their templates are fully responsive, mobile friendly, and fast loading, which is very important if you want to lower your bounce rate and increase your sales.

What I really like with PageFly is that you don’t need to be a professional designer to create a customized high-converting product page. Despite the app being easy to handle, you still have access to their 24/7 Live chat, day and night, to help you fix any problem within minutes.

They have 6,000+ positive reviews and 150,000+ active users for a reason!

So click here to Try PageFly for Free. It’s a complete Game Changer

Sweet Upsell: Pay Nothing Until The App Generates You a Sale!

Sweet Upsell

If you’re using Shopify’s standard order confirmation page you’re leaving money on the table. This page is a valuable real estate where you should be enticing customers to buy again.

Sweet Upsell Allows you to customize this page by showing upsell products that the customer is likely to instantly buy again. This allows you to generate more sales and revenue from the same amount of traffic.

Click here to try Sweet Upsell For Free and transform your order confirmation page into a sales machine!


Vitals: 45 days Free Trial instead of 30 days

Vitals - Exlusive Deal

One app to rule them all!

If you started Shopify Dropshipping and you already set up your store, there is one app you absolutely need! This app is called Vitals.

It’s an all in one Shopify app that combines more than 40 commonly used apps. (Product Bundles, volume discounts, Sticky add to cart, currency converter, product reviews… and the list goes on and on…)

Vitals is always the first app I install every time I create a new store, and it makes me save a ton of money!

Claim your 45 Days Free trial here. It will be the best app you ever installed on your store.



Backit AliExpress Cashback

What if I told you that you were leaving money on the table?
Did you know that you can get a percentage back for every order you make from AliExpress?

It’s easy with Backit.

Backit is the easiest way to take profit of the AliExpress Cashback system, and it’s totally free. You just have to register, install their Chrome app, and now every time you pay for your orders you will get a percentage back. No BS, no hassle, I’ve been using their service for months now and so should you. It’s literally FREE MONEY!

Click here to start earning your cashback. You will thank me later!




Spocket is an app on the Shopify App Store. They make it easy to dropship from US suppliers. Spocket allows you to choose the best products to dropship from a variety of categories from suppliers all over the world.

Spocket has loads of great products that are located domestically in US and EU. No more having to deal with China! Click this link to Try Spocket for free for 14 days.


Adplexity: 25% Lifetime Discount

Adplexity 25% lifetime discount

Adplexity is a premium research tool that gives you real-time data on top trending products. Unlike other research tools, it literally reveals the most profitable products and stores at the moment. As a result, they are the only one that can show you the hottest trending products in real-time, before they get saturated.

And Good News for our Subscribers, we got you an EXCLUSIVE 25% LIFETIME DISCOUNT on your AdPlexity Membership. Claim your discount here.


BandsOffAds: 10% Off with the Code STN

BandsOffAds - 10% Discount

BandsOffAds is a video service specialized in creating viral videos for your Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns. They will do everything for you: the video script, the ad copy, the video ad and the eye-catching thumbnail. Their videos have proven results time and time again, which means you will receive a video that has high chance of converting.

Thanks to our partnership with BandsOffAds, we are proud to offer our subscribers a 10% discount with the promo code STN. Claim your discount here.


Niche Scraper: 50% Discount with the code SELLTHISNOW

Niche Scraper: 50% Discount 

Niche Scraper is an extremely powerful and affordable dropshipping and product research bot. It allows you to spy on other Shopify sites and find trending products.

What I like about Niche Scraper is that they have plenty of tools on their website. For example, you can import any product from another Shopify store straight to your store. For each product, they show you the video ad, the supplier link, the product description, and even the Facebook interests to target! They also have an automatic video ad maker tool.

Thanks to our partnership with Niche Scraper, we got you 50% Lifetime Discount on all their Membership with code SELLTHISNOW. Claim your discount here.

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